I’ve been working really hard on my dream of becoming a published author (to the exclusion, obviously, of this blog).  It’s made me think about my earliest efforts at writing.  As it is “Holocaust Memorial Day,” I thought I’d post one of my first efforts: a poem I wrote for an English class when I was 12 years old.  I’ve posted it exactly as I wrote it 27 years ago. It’s amazing to think what an impact one little girl with a diary has had.

We must not forget. And we must be honest when we look at the world: are we doing enough?

Darkness Comes: a poem about Anne Frank on her last days of life

I know these are my last few days
because death does not discriminate.
I see it all around me –
even the toughest of women.

with children in their wombs
and tugging at their skirts
leaving some to die of loneliness
and others
to never live.

Darkness Comes
all around me
I can’t do anything
to stop it.
Darkness Comes
Darkness Falls
each time
a little darker.

with work
note even the toughest
of animals
could do.
to death.

The temperature rises to the point
where the water in the coldest stream
would boil away
to nothing.

Winter brings cold
that not even the warmest coat
could bear.

And I
with not rags enough
to cover my body.

Darkness Comes
Darkness Falls

it shall be me.

As I lie in my bed
of broken dreams,
I reflect upon how my life was
How it might have been.

I thank God every day
for the privileged life
I once led.

I pity the ones
who shall never view life
as I do
Or have a life as I once had.

Darkness Comes
Sadness Falls

Is this the last time
that will happen?

For me,

I pray for the others,
and young.

I pray
that even if I
don’t come out of here
they will,

For someday

If only
that someone were me.

I fear not
Darkness Comes
once again.

And I will go to a night
that will never turn into day.

A Darkness that will never see light.
as many before me have.

No matter what THEY say or do
I go captured, a slave…
But in my MIND I am free!
I refuse to submit to them.

Now is the time for goodbyes
to all I know and love
especially to Kitty
with whom I shared all my thoughts.

but this.

Now is the time for goodbyes
but not the time for tears
because I will go to a place
where pain does not exist.

And I will be an equal
to everything.

But for now,
Darkness Comes
Darkness Falls
Darkness Comes
once more.

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  1. What an incredible 12-year-old you were! 😉

  2. Ah – thank you, Jaton! You are so lovely! I’d love to go have a chat with her! Hmmm… Maybe I will.

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