Around the corner…

Lately, I’ve been a bit impatient.  I have a couple goals I want to achieve immediately, if not sooner.  I spend my days hitting refresh on my email desperately hoping to find a message of progress.  I recognize that it isn’t only pots that don’t boil, but it’s hard to look away.  I do, however, have a way to console myself: the “around the corner” philosophy.

We never know what’s just around the corner…  Life is funny like that.  An answer often appears just when one is about to give up.  How many people have gone out on a million bad dates, only to meet their partner where they least expected it?  How many people were at the end of their employment rope only get a job offer out of the blue?  How often has an untenable situation been solved at the last minute?

Opportunity calling

In my experience, it’s happened with some regularity.  I was unemployed and had given up my apartment with no where else to go when a friend called me up and asked me to come interview.  It turned out that a position had opened up because the current occupant was moving with his wife to Ohio for about a year.  And when that year was coming to an end and the person was returning (leading to some discomfort about how the roles would change), I got a call from a college friend asking me to interview for her.  Suddenly, I was moving to New York City, where anything can (and does) happen.

And that job changed more than my zip code.  I had come to accept the idea that I might be on my own for the rest of my life – and was quite comfortable with it – when I heard the laugh that rang ’round New York.  It was in the middle of a conference about bird flu and the laugh’s owner kept talking about toilet sanitizing, but I could feel the prickles of excitement telling me my world was changing.  Ironically, the guy obsessed with restroom cleanliness first described himself to me as a “cleanish rugby bloke”… cleanish because of the mud that was caked on in the locker rooms where they changed after a game.

Just when we were starting to think we’d like to give the relationship a go, but had to contend with a slight issue – the ocean between us – a job opened up for the rugby bloke in New York.  And after a year, when we had decided we’d like to move back to England?  You guessed it, a job opened up with a company in London willing to pay for our relocation.

Surprise, Surprise

I’ve often heard people despair about meeting the right person.  They fear they are too old, or don’t work where they can meet anyone, etc.  But I strongly contend that it can happen anywhere, anytime, for anyone.  You might spend a year going out on internet dates, but meet the person you’re meant to marry on a subway.  I certainly wouldn’t have expected to find my future spouse at a bird flu conference.  One of my favorite love stories is my dear friend’s, who met her husband while dressed as an oversized Snow White at a rugby match in Hong Kong – talk about not prepared for the moment!  (To read about this romantic adventure, visit Patricia Sexton’s blog: Land of the Blue Sky)

Whether you’re going through a divorce, or waiting to hear from an employer, or trying to fulfill your personal legend, there will be days when you feel like there’s only an indefinite dark tunnel.  And those days are tough to get through.  But then, one day, there’s an unexpected bend and suddenly… boom… daylight.

I am reminding myself of this today as I close my email and go about my life… Eventually, the water will boil and the email will come.

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  1. Very well said Meghan! But then, everything you say is said well:) This does hit right on!

    • Thanks Christine! As a fellow writer, I know you understand! How painful is it those minutes and days (and weeks… and months) after you submit????!!! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

  2. what a gift as we head into a weekend! The concept of the unknown future can be frightening or exciting, or both! thanks for expressing it so well, Meghan!

    • I used to fear, but have learned to love the “unknown future…” It’s what keeps hope alive! 🙂 Thanks so much, Lis!

  3. Best line in this post: “I certainly wouldn’t have expected to find my future spouse at a bird flu conference.” One seldom expects anything positive from bird flu. There you have it. Maybe everything does work toward the good. xoxo

  4. Can I propose a question to your logic. What if being patient isn’t your problem? What if you already trust in the universe to give you what you want? It never really stops and what once was a great opportunity can become a noose around your neck . you know in your gut it’s a risky move to make but if you don’t let it go you’ll suffocate. While trying to start my business I’ve been terrified of the day that the luck I live by would run out and I would be forced to do it all on my own. In stead of conquering my fears, I decided to speed the process along and I just let it all happen at once. I allowed everything to crash and burn and as I stand up in the ruins I feel the most enormous weight off my shoulders and an excitement I was never able to feel before, and I use that excitement to guide my every move (as opposed to fear I may let everyone down) Just because an opportunity is around the corner I discovered for myself that it doesn’t always mean I should take it. Just trying and if your not excited I would perhaps reconsider. For example, I met with a women to discuss my business plan a few years ago and I felt no connection. I didn’t follow through and its hard to get people to trust that you know what your doing. To the outside world I may have appeared apathetic, lazy, unmotivated. Perhaps even spoiled stubborn or afraid. There’s no way to get anyone to understand it’s a gut feeling. Two years later I’m grateful I did not take that opportunity because I would have missed the even better one where I was able to trade flowers for business advice as well as make a friend who I can grow the business with perhaps. I’m definitely excited for the dreams we’ll come up with together. I’ve always been my biggest fan (which may come across as self centered) and I’ve stubbornly had to defend my desires and I’m paranoid that comes across as being afraid. It becomes a pressure from the world around you to live up to their expectations of what they know your world could be. Like if I say I’m just not interested in dating and you tell me just to give it a try, I get angry because in my gut I just know… (nothing moved me about the person, like hearing a big barreling English laugh from across a room) I have begun to trust in other peoples tones… for example I can tell when I’m given caution or compassion whether or not it is coming from the other persons own fears or desires for themselves or real concern… There is a distinct difference between worry and fear. If someone is worried for me… I stopped caring… if someone is afraid for me… I seriously reconsider because I can tell it’s wise advise. I thought you may want to consider the idea that just because an opportunity is right around the corner doesn’t always mean you should take it… 32

  5. My motto is ‘just when you are about to give up, that’s when you succeed’ It fits in nicely with your blog. You never know what’s around the corner.

    • I love that motto!! I’m stealing it!

      • Actually, I stole it, too. From Bear Grylls.

      • I love Bear Grylls… My hubby and I spent a night in New York pretending to be him – walking around, pointing out what was edible and what might kill you… “If you eat that kind of sausage… you will die!” duh, dum, dum…..

  6. Apropos of absolutely everything going on in my life and in yours, I love this entry.

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